Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today I write to you from my step fathers computer, as my computer has reached the end of its time and the graphics card is slowly frying itself in either a final push to prove its worth or as a f you before it dies.

On the plus side to this rather unfortunate Christmas surprise I have finally received my Chimera, though getting it to where I needed it to be was quite a challenge...

First off I had to get in contact with my friend who owed me a little cash, this wasn't so hard as he is a good mate of mine and sent some of the money through no problems, this money was used to reactivate both my accounts and buy 2 plex's ( I used my own money to buy 2 more) which got me close to 3b ISK a good amount to have.
With this money I bought all the skills I needed from Jita 4,4 and then headed south east to Minmatar space in search of a Chimera closer to home.
With a bit of luck and a lot of money I bought one about 30 jumps from my home system, and the talks began of cyno's to get it out there.
After banging our heads against the wall for quite some time as to how to move it safely it eventually dawned on me that I didn't have to be the one to fly it, so after a short conversation with an alliance mate we got him to fly down with his superior jump skills to be the one to move it.

Many hours I spent moving fighters and modules to my carrier before setting off on my cyno alt to light the first cyno, the move went down without a hitch and last night I finally got to fly the "RAAF Goliath" for the first time and my god can this ship do some damage!

In other news the war between the Russians and the NC is drawing to a close and attentions turns to attack rather then defense as we attack True Reign as well as mustering a counter attack on the NC.

Russian Counter attack
True Reign attack

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rewards To Those Who Wait!

With the big learning skill redistribution patch hitting the cluster tonight it would seem my carrier is closer then ever, but in the wise words of an alliance member if it was easy it wouldn't be EVE and right he was, with the servers down for patching i only have a measly 300 million in my wallet, a clean 2 billion off my goal.

Luckily I quit World of Warcraft when I started playing EVE and have had a rather nice inactive account sitting around for a few months till someone asked if they could have it! I parted with it happily and will be receiving a totally unrelated $500 for being awesome!

For those of you not capable of instantly figuring out your exchange rate to in game market ratio of that amount in PLEX it totals about 10 billion ISK, now i love EVE it's a cool game... but i'm not insane. The Majority of that money will be going to various real life items/events I have been looking forward too, but a small amount will be hitting the wallet of CCP to sate my lust of a carrier!

Hopefully this carrier will be able to fund much more exciting adventures for you to read about... hopefully none of them involving my carrier exploding.

Now for those of you hoping to obtain something other then my ramblings from my blog, I do have a present for you!

Seeing as though the Carrier will be my main source of income from now on... I hope! I should no longer need various other tools i keep relatively quiet as exposing them could cause myself financial distress, well not anymore so lets get to business!

First things first, Miners you probably have a resource for everything, for those who just want a fairly solid start point for referencing try this site
It has helped me alot in the past, hopefully it will help you too!

Now you've probably seen this on every bio in the game, if you haven't you need to open your eyes to this info, it's fairly common knowledge but alas its useful to have on hand!

If you don't already have EVEMON and EVE FITTING TOOL then those are 2 more almost necessary things to have on your computer!
EVEMON is a skill planning program with access to battleclinic fits and much more handy info.
EVE FITTING TOOL is exactly what its name describes, a program used to find the best way to fit your ship (imports skills from your API)

Now heres the big one, the one that got me started on this crazy journey!
A program I found to give me the best trading routes in any region this made me HEAPS of money but unfortunately I can no longer remember the website I downloaded it from, but i'm sure you tech savvy readers will have no problems!
It's Called NAVBOT, it's a program that when run allows you to open a grid in your browser showing all trade routes based off how much you're willing to spend, how much cargo space you have and most importantly your willingness to risk it all for the big money by running low sec trade routes!
There is 2 downsides to running this program though...

1; You have to export every item on the market for it to find the best deals, there is no auto export or update, so you not only have to do this when you start it, but whenever you feel the market has changed enough to warrant a re-scan, you do however get the hang of whats selling and can only update those items!

2; This program CANNOT search outside you're current region as this would violate the rules of the game, this problem can be overcome by those with an interest as great as mine to become rich through various options of alts and recording data among other things.

Fly Safe.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Battle Report

As I haven't been on alot in the past few days (real life stuff) I thought I would post a report from one of our alliance ops that happened in my absence, Enjoy!

"after that roam a lot of folks just settled into LXQ2 awaiting on the next op on the station timer. Ferg ( i think it was) setup a drag bubble and we had a lot fo fun harrashing pods and ships coming through lxq2. We pretty much had control of what was going on at that point we had 6... then 8 .. then 9 it got to a point where we out numberd those in the stations and pos's.. a Typhoon pilot thought he might step out and pop our bubble..... boy was he wrong. we had him into half struct before he got re-docked.

ok so Timer goes off AAAAAAAAAAAAA ! its time to shoot the station. .... wait ... its just Str8nge Brew.
Ah what the fuck shot the station at 1000 damage per torp, 3 torps per tube, 8 SB and more on the way down from 3-j.... we siad screw it .. lets shoot it. ok so we didnt wiggle it much for say 2 minutes... 3-4 reloads and we see the cyno go up... now we gota be careful as PL isnt blue to us and they have been coming into LXQ2 to hit the station i warp the fleet to a safe 200 km off the station and watch and wait to see what shows up

Its all xDeath, Lem, etc all BLUEs to us... i rewarp the whole Fleet back to the 30kmspot... and we continue our happy torpedo run...

Then while the 40 plus supers are hammering the station some ballsy Purifier pilot starts to bomb the fighter drones... we call to grab it an pound it a new one. after it got off 3 bombs we finally got it and popped and podded his ass. Wait the station is already into RF 2 wow under 10 minutes that super cap fleet is insane. i only saw it at half armor. even the server cant keep up with how fast the DPS is laid out on that thing."

Good work guys!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I remember when I first started playing EVE I was shown the census, a list of data compiled throughout the year to show statistics on things such as most popular ship, system and so on.
When I read this it was listed that the number one most flown ship was a Drake, combat wise of course.

Now I know the Drake has a reputation as the best PvE Battle Cruiser and is formidable even in PvP but the thought of using such a cheap ship in null sec never really crossed my mind..

At least until I lost all my ships in an assault by the NC which left me with no money and no ships and the only choice I had was to buy a cheap ship, a Drake, and I sat down to figure out how best to get this ship to solo Havens and Sanctums.

Surprisingly the result came easier then I hoped, by simply putting an afterburner on it, it could reach enough speed to avoid most of the battleships hits entirely while still maintaining enough shield to tank if things got messy and enough firepower to kill them... very VERY slowly.

But all money is good money in EVE and every ISK brings me closer to my Chimera so I continue to plod along.

Me and an Alliance mate running a Sanctum.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Square 1...

So after many hours spent on the character bazaar, I have bought myself a pilot that is able to fly a Chimera!!

Unfortunately this cost me everything... including my Rattlesnake which means I'm back at square 1 again, money is going to be difficult to acquire by myself but for once a downside has an upside!
With a set goal in mind I'll be giving it my all to get 2 billion ISK asap to get myself cruising null sec in what I consider the coolest looking carrier.
I've considered selling off my first character to be able to afford a carrier but I don't think I could stand seeing someone else flying around with my name, and it even though he isn't great he is still mine.

The new character I have would be able to fly all my ships better then my current null sec ratter, but if I were to take him out of the safety of high sec I would be putting 120mil of implants at risk and increasing my training time by 9 days which is something I would rather avoid.

So what do I do?

Do I take my new character out to make money a bit faster meaning i'll be able to afford a Chimera sooner...

Or do I leave him with his implants and fly it better when I can afford it?

Perhaps I should redo the steps it took to get me the 3.1 billion the new character cost...
Seems like i'm going to need alot of luck in the coming weeks, and if I can get that carrier by the 14th i'll be able to use the learning skills to put carriers at 4 and fighters at 4! Money will never be a problem again after that... one would hope.

Well, I better get back to ratting, that ship won't buy itself.

Fly Safe o7