Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today I write to you from my step fathers computer, as my computer has reached the end of its time and the graphics card is slowly frying itself in either a final push to prove its worth or as a f you before it dies.

On the plus side to this rather unfortunate Christmas surprise I have finally received my Chimera, though getting it to where I needed it to be was quite a challenge...

First off I had to get in contact with my friend who owed me a little cash, this wasn't so hard as he is a good mate of mine and sent some of the money through no problems, this money was used to reactivate both my accounts and buy 2 plex's ( I used my own money to buy 2 more) which got me close to 3b ISK a good amount to have.
With this money I bought all the skills I needed from Jita 4,4 and then headed south east to Minmatar space in search of a Chimera closer to home.
With a bit of luck and a lot of money I bought one about 30 jumps from my home system, and the talks began of cyno's to get it out there.
After banging our heads against the wall for quite some time as to how to move it safely it eventually dawned on me that I didn't have to be the one to fly it, so after a short conversation with an alliance mate we got him to fly down with his superior jump skills to be the one to move it.

Many hours I spent moving fighters and modules to my carrier before setting off on my cyno alt to light the first cyno, the move went down without a hitch and last night I finally got to fly the "RAAF Goliath" for the first time and my god can this ship do some damage!

In other news the war between the Russians and the NC is drawing to a close and attentions turns to attack rather then defense as we attack True Reign as well as mustering a counter attack on the NC.

Russian Counter attack
True Reign attack

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rewards To Those Who Wait!

With the big learning skill redistribution patch hitting the cluster tonight it would seem my carrier is closer then ever, but in the wise words of an alliance member if it was easy it wouldn't be EVE and right he was, with the servers down for patching i only have a measly 300 million in my wallet, a clean 2 billion off my goal.

Luckily I quit World of Warcraft when I started playing EVE and have had a rather nice inactive account sitting around for a few months till someone asked if they could have it! I parted with it happily and will be receiving a totally unrelated $500 for being awesome!

For those of you not capable of instantly figuring out your exchange rate to in game market ratio of that amount in PLEX it totals about 10 billion ISK, now i love EVE it's a cool game... but i'm not insane. The Majority of that money will be going to various real life items/events I have been looking forward too, but a small amount will be hitting the wallet of CCP to sate my lust of a carrier!

Hopefully this carrier will be able to fund much more exciting adventures for you to read about... hopefully none of them involving my carrier exploding.

Now for those of you hoping to obtain something other then my ramblings from my blog, I do have a present for you!

Seeing as though the Carrier will be my main source of income from now on... I hope! I should no longer need various other tools i keep relatively quiet as exposing them could cause myself financial distress, well not anymore so lets get to business!

First things first, Miners you probably have a resource for everything, for those who just want a fairly solid start point for referencing try this site
It has helped me alot in the past, hopefully it will help you too!

Now you've probably seen this on every bio in the game, if you haven't you need to open your eyes to this info, it's fairly common knowledge but alas its useful to have on hand!

If you don't already have EVEMON and EVE FITTING TOOL then those are 2 more almost necessary things to have on your computer!
EVEMON is a skill planning program with access to battleclinic fits and much more handy info.
EVE FITTING TOOL is exactly what its name describes, a program used to find the best way to fit your ship (imports skills from your API)

Now heres the big one, the one that got me started on this crazy journey!
A program I found to give me the best trading routes in any region this made me HEAPS of money but unfortunately I can no longer remember the website I downloaded it from, but i'm sure you tech savvy readers will have no problems!
It's Called NAVBOT, it's a program that when run allows you to open a grid in your browser showing all trade routes based off how much you're willing to spend, how much cargo space you have and most importantly your willingness to risk it all for the big money by running low sec trade routes!
There is 2 downsides to running this program though...

1; You have to export every item on the market for it to find the best deals, there is no auto export or update, so you not only have to do this when you start it, but whenever you feel the market has changed enough to warrant a re-scan, you do however get the hang of whats selling and can only update those items!

2; This program CANNOT search outside you're current region as this would violate the rules of the game, this problem can be overcome by those with an interest as great as mine to become rich through various options of alts and recording data among other things.

Fly Safe.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Battle Report

As I haven't been on alot in the past few days (real life stuff) I thought I would post a report from one of our alliance ops that happened in my absence, Enjoy!

"after that roam a lot of folks just settled into LXQ2 awaiting on the next op on the station timer. Ferg ( i think it was) setup a drag bubble and we had a lot fo fun harrashing pods and ships coming through lxq2. We pretty much had control of what was going on at that point we had 6... then 8 .. then 9 it got to a point where we out numberd those in the stations and pos's.. a Typhoon pilot thought he might step out and pop our bubble..... boy was he wrong. we had him into half struct before he got re-docked.

ok so Timer goes off AAAAAAAAAAAAA ! its time to shoot the station. .... wait ... its just Str8nge Brew.
Ah what the fuck shot the station at 1000 damage per torp, 3 torps per tube, 8 SB and more on the way down from 3-j.... we siad screw it .. lets shoot it. ok so we didnt wiggle it much for say 2 minutes... 3-4 reloads and we see the cyno go up... now we gota be careful as PL isnt blue to us and they have been coming into LXQ2 to hit the station i warp the fleet to a safe 200 km off the station and watch and wait to see what shows up

Its all xDeath, Lem, etc all BLUEs to us... i rewarp the whole Fleet back to the 30kmspot... and we continue our happy torpedo run...

Then while the 40 plus supers are hammering the station some ballsy Purifier pilot starts to bomb the fighter drones... we call to grab it an pound it a new one. after it got off 3 bombs we finally got it and popped and podded his ass. Wait the station is already into RF 2 wow under 10 minutes that super cap fleet is insane. i only saw it at half armor. even the server cant keep up with how fast the DPS is laid out on that thing."

Good work guys!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I remember when I first started playing EVE I was shown the census, a list of data compiled throughout the year to show statistics on things such as most popular ship, system and so on.
When I read this it was listed that the number one most flown ship was a Drake, combat wise of course.

Now I know the Drake has a reputation as the best PvE Battle Cruiser and is formidable even in PvP but the thought of using such a cheap ship in null sec never really crossed my mind..

At least until I lost all my ships in an assault by the NC which left me with no money and no ships and the only choice I had was to buy a cheap ship, a Drake, and I sat down to figure out how best to get this ship to solo Havens and Sanctums.

Surprisingly the result came easier then I hoped, by simply putting an afterburner on it, it could reach enough speed to avoid most of the battleships hits entirely while still maintaining enough shield to tank if things got messy and enough firepower to kill them... very VERY slowly.

But all money is good money in EVE and every ISK brings me closer to my Chimera so I continue to plod along.

Me and an Alliance mate running a Sanctum.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Square 1...

So after many hours spent on the character bazaar, I have bought myself a pilot that is able to fly a Chimera!!

Unfortunately this cost me everything... including my Rattlesnake which means I'm back at square 1 again, money is going to be difficult to acquire by myself but for once a downside has an upside!
With a set goal in mind I'll be giving it my all to get 2 billion ISK asap to get myself cruising null sec in what I consider the coolest looking carrier.
I've considered selling off my first character to be able to afford a carrier but I don't think I could stand seeing someone else flying around with my name, and it even though he isn't great he is still mine.

The new character I have would be able to fly all my ships better then my current null sec ratter, but if I were to take him out of the safety of high sec I would be putting 120mil of implants at risk and increasing my training time by 9 days which is something I would rather avoid.

So what do I do?

Do I take my new character out to make money a bit faster meaning i'll be able to afford a Chimera sooner...

Or do I leave him with his implants and fly it better when I can afford it?

Perhaps I should redo the steps it took to get me the 3.1 billion the new character cost...
Seems like i'm going to need alot of luck in the coming weeks, and if I can get that carrier by the 14th i'll be able to use the learning skills to put carriers at 4 and fighters at 4! Money will never be a problem again after that... one would hope.

Well, I better get back to ratting, that ship won't buy itself.

Fly Safe o7

Friday, November 26, 2010

Invested Learning?

Since our Rattlesnakes have been out in null with our Ammunition and Drone Assembly Array's we haven't found much reason to leave the system other then to refine our loot.
Making easily 150 million+ a day from bounties alone there is little else to do and other then finding ways to increase the cash flow life has become rather stale...

As newly appointed Director of my corp I figured i would turn my attention to bolstering our numbers, this idea was very short lived as within hours an alliance mail was received stating all recruitment to all corps was closed.

Having recently heard the news from the dev blog about the soon to be removed learning skills debate was sparked in corp chat as to the training of learning skills to 5 to use their increased training time to put the points into skills with lower SP per hour, investing if you will.
I myself only have about 700,000 SP to potentially spend when this is dropped and thinking about all the ways to turn SP to a perfect carrier pilot has become somewhat of an obsession of mine.

The Character Bazaar on the EVE forums is a very interesting place, for a price you can get any character you want delivered straight to your account, no assets, no money but still if you have the money to throw into a character that cost several billion ISK i'm sure you saved enough to fit them out in the ship you bought them for...
With the learning skills being a bank of SP i've been looking for characters with perfect learning skills close to carriers, and the price difference is amazing!
Roughly 7-12 billion for a cheap carrier pilot.
Roughly 3-5 billion for a pre cap pilot with 5 million SP in learning skills..
Seems someone with a bit of money could make a fair profit over the next few months buying an investment character turning them into a perfect capitol pilot and selling them off again...
Wish i had the money to do that!

As for news of the War between us and the NC, i bring positive news!
With NC on our doorstep... more like half way through the door but you know what i mean, they have had little defense over their other area's allowed I.T to attack from the other side and now Pandemic Legion have entered the fray! to whom their allegiance stands is a mystery to me, i believe they fight for themselves but in any case the damage they have cause to the NC is incredibly beneficial for us, though it hasn't stopped the roams coming though our home system forcing us to sit in our pos while we wait for reinforcements...

And finally we welcome back Tom to our corp, heres hoping he finds the riches we did!

This Snake needs no Venom.

Alot has come and gone since my last update and I only hope I can remember it all!

The ratting in our null sec has been fantastic to me, dropping over 2 billion ISK my way so far it has to be the most fun I've ever had not shooting at another player!
Not in the form of bounties though, no that would make the game too easy, it had to come in the form of 4 overseer's personal effects (valued at 620 million ISK) and a Machariel BP (Valued at 744 million ISK) which presented us with a major issue at the time...
With us being at war with the overwhelming forces of the NC any easy route to high sec has been under constant attack and even with a Covert Ops Transport we were unable to successfully move a single item out!
Until one fateful morning when i drearily hit the scan button once more in my Buzzard, and found a Worm hole straight to low sec, heart racing i filled the frigate with billions worth of loot and set off on a journey i would not advise to those with weak hearts...
But alas i made it to Jita safely and sold off the loot. \o/
With the money made Jason (the CEO of my corp) and I decided upon a few items that would make our lives that much easier in the harsh depths of space.

Number 1: An Ammunition Assembly Array, making our own ammo seemed like a great idea as it was our biggest expense so far.

Number 2: A Drone Assembly Array, drones are also expensive and making our own also seemed like a good idea.

Number 3: The big one. The Gurista Flagship, The Rattlesnake!

But our troubles were far from over...
Moving a 700 million ISK ship through low sec was a stupid idea, gate camps along the way would tear us apart, our only hope was to wait for a worm hole between high sec and our null sec. After weeks this didn't happen i finally gave in and asked in alliance if someone could move them out for us and to my amazement someone offered.
And so we set out, piloting our faction battleships through the safety of high sec before reaching the low sec where our Carrier friend was waiting.

What we didn't quite expect when we warped to the Carrier was to find a Nyx Super Carrier waiting for us... Talk about safety!
After a short talk about how much bigger super carriers SHOULD be, Jason and I docked our Rattlesnakes away and Jump cloned, or in Jason's case self destructed, back to null sec.

Though i must say the Nyx looks rather large from the point of view of a pod.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Short History.

I've tried many different tactics to make money in EVE, none of them so far have said "stick to me! I'll make you the most!" but I think it's this jumping that makes EVE such an enjoyable game. Well played I say to you CCP, you have made the game balanced enough so that those of us greedy enough to pursue wealth in the universe have so many options that picking one and sticking to it is an almost impossible task as at one point we all go "well i could give that a shot I suppose"

Todays post is a short history of my plans to get rich quick and how they resulted.

Number 1: Mining.
When I first started this seemed like a great way to make ISK with little to no risk and very little commitment. This was true I did make ISK in decent amounts with little risk but as time dredged onwards it seemed that although this appealed to some, the option of "higher risk higher ISK" seemed to be more for me.

2-12 Million ISK an hour (high sec)

Number 2: Missioning.
This tickled my fancy a little more, the steady increase in difficulty and reward coupled with a healthy influx of death to those I came up against meant an interesting time spent whenever i logged on...
At least for a while...
It seems with the universe expanding, downtime getting shorter and the hundreds of thousands of players keeping the many worlds turning, not one person is capable of writing perhaps 20 new back stories for the missions! Yes they did a good job making it so every mission is not just kill X of Y at Z and letting us choose our own style of missioning was another good move by our beloved CCP but even if we are killing X of Y at Z I personally would appreciate the story to change a little bit... how many times have I killed my agents mother in law? enough to make me question his love life...

Varies Greatly with skills (I made about 8 million ISK an hour on level 3's)

Number 3: Wormholing.
This was an interesting journey and a short one for those who have read my other posts you would know this, the money in everything you do is amazing. The problem these days is finding an unoccupied worm hole that you can occupy, this doesn't sound too hard with over 2000 active wormholes currently in EVE* but let me assure you it is. The risk is relatively low unless you happened to pick a static high sec wormhole and you are in a corp with less then 40 active members. The main problem i found with living in a worm hole is that any money you make sits in its raw form (those of sleeper parts or ore) for days or weeks until you ship it out to sell, this doesn't sound too bad either except you then run the risk of 2 things; first you have all your hard works ISK in one place thats a god send to anyone who happens to stumble across whatever your using to move it. Secondly you run the risk of leaving yourself stranded on the other side after your worm hole collapses from too much traffic (this isn't too bad if you have corp mates with probes inside).

15-25 million ISK an hour. (sorry no pics)

Number 4: Ratting, Belt and Anomalies.
This so far has been my favourite past time to make money with, the Sanctums in my home system provide much in the way of ISK to those who clear them and the drops and salvage are more then enough to fit any ships you want (up to meta 4's) the main problem with this style of profiteering is that your eyes are pinned to local and every time a threat enters system your finger hovers over the warp to POS button. The only other problem i've had in this method is that it takes a decent amount of SP and newer pilots would have incredible trouble with even the easiest of anomalies, however this does come back to my theory of method jumping.

Number 5: Planetary Interaction.
This is not a full time devoted way to make ISK but it is a method none the less and I have given it a shot and it seems to work out ok. The problems with PI are simple, Its not user friendly. Once you get the hang of it, it proves to be no problem at all. I've met people in my time in EVE that are absolute masters of PI making hundreds of millions of ISK a week from their planets, and I by no means am one of these masters, I set up a new planet today in the system over from my home and it took me a good while (with some much appreciated help) to get it up and running. The plus sides to this venture seems to outweigh that of the negatives though. The whole PI operation requires very little SP, meaning you can start this very early on in the game, and it also takes little in the way of ISK to set up. The other advantage to running your own planetary setups is that it only requires you to be on (at most) once every 4 days!! And only for about 15 minutes at that, this also means you can run this in the background of every other venture you try to make ISK.

Number 6: Trading.
This was a great area for me when i begun, high profit with little SP needed and little risk if your knew what you were doing. In fact trading was the whole reason i started this blog!
Trading is a very fine art that requires lots of attention and patience, you sit in a fairly slow ship all the time moving from 1 location to another most of the time manually to keep your ship from getting high sec ganked...
It is a wonderful way to get on your feet though if you're just starting out, reading guides online and finding the routes will take you about an hour and after that its a steady stream of money to get that ship you've always wanted (within reason).

Varies too much for estimated income.

I have yet to try my hand at many other forms of making ISK and I would love to hear your stories about any form of profiteering you can think of! leave a comment below or email me at

*Requires Verification.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A sight to behold... For those who were there...

I am quite sorry to say I missed the biggest battle in the history of the drone lands from a writers point of view, but as that of a gamer I am quite glad I missed it...

The fight over our station beat Jita's record with a staggering 3500 pilots including 4 Titans! Though they were only there as a show of power. I regret to inform you that we lost. Though we haven't given up and we continue to halt the advance of NC as they try their luck at taking us down.

Though the battles may be epic the losses are crippling and the threat of our transports to high sec being intercepted is a massive worry as with everything in eve war cost money... lots and lots of money.

With my freighter training completed I decided to start training up tech 2 modules in area's i'd overlooked or deemed less important then upgrading ships and now that those skills are nearing an end i looked once more into the pool of things to train for...

After a good 2 hours on EFT (Eve Fitting Tool) I stumbled across my old pipe dream the legendary pirate ship the Rattlesnake, with a base shield of almost 13,000 and the drone capabilities a pure Gallente ship would have problems matching, I drooled over the numbers as they flew up with each module i fit.

The numbers (with my current skills) were amazing, over 1000 tank and 600 dps, with this kind of firepower i could easily solo sanctums and havens and rake in more money then i'd ever seen before!
Of course to every upside there is a downside, and for the Rattlesnake it's the cost, 500 million for the hull alone is a fair bit of money, and there is also the issue of moving said 500 million ISK ship through over 20 jumps of low sec and null sec...
Unless we use a carrier...
Which we will.

In other news our Corp has split into 3 corps, 1 for null sec life, 1 for the people not yet ready for null sec life and 1 for high sec war decs, 2 of my characters live in null sec and today the third joined the war dec corp having finished his training for a Wolf (Minmatar Assault Frigate) and the specs on that little bastard are beastly for pvp! Almost wolf like...

Specs (With min SP)(With Max SP)
Sig Radius: 33m/33m
Max Speed: 709mps/861 mps (with T1 AB)
Cap: Stable at 70%/90%
Dps: 139/232
EHP: 8732/9745

Very cheap and in my eyes a fun future to look forward to!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Alliance, New Fight.

With the dispersion of Draconian Covenant, my corp began looking for a new alliance and with some better then expected results we ended up as part of the Drone Russian Forces (DRF for short)
With sovereignty over several systems i felt safer then empire ratting in my new home, not to mention the money is fantastic.

But i'm getting ahead of myself, moving to null sec is a challenge in itself.

Getting one person out is easy, fit something small, fast and cheap and you will generally be left alone, problem with this is you don't have anything decent once you arrive.
I took two haulers on two out of three of my accounts filled with covert ops, stealth bombers, mining barges and modules, the entire trip i was freaking out thinking every gate activation was going to result in my death but alas the excellent scouting of my corp mate led to my safe arrival in our null sec.

With my stuff safely stored i turned my attention back to the rest of the corp, mainly Tom...
and his Orca...
full of our corps POS equipment...

So once again i set off through 28 jumps of null sec, this time safely in one of my covert ops ships, and arriving back in high sec i swapped to my Dominix to serve as an escort.
After a few minutes organizing we set off, an Orca, Bestower and Itty V escorted by two battleships and a cruiser. Even though this seemed like a decent enough amount of firepower we still worried for the safety of our Orca, luckily for us the orca wasn't destroyed and our POS is now operational in our home system.

With all the excitement of the new alliance, new home and new ways to make money my eyes strayed from the bigger picture.
Our new alliance is in the DRF.
Which is at war.
With NC.

Many alliances are at war, but for those of you who don't know about either NC or DRF i suggest you read the EVE news. (Link below)

With NC attempting to invade our homelands, my blog should be full of stories in the next few weeks.

The biggest fight in the history of the Drone lands begins in 2 hrs 44 mins, and i get to be a part of it!

Hope we win, sorry NC guys... Purely Business.

Monday, October 11, 2010

No ones favorite past time.

Me: Losing hundreds of millions of isk is no ones favorite past time.
Tom: Making hundreds of millions of isk is mine.

~Me and Tom on PvP~

With my return to EVE the corps numbers have been rising steadily and casual roams in battle cruisers and battle ships soon followed as the number of capable and willing pilots rose, though still small in number the quality of "lols" from the fights has increased as losing your ship to a gang by yourself sucks it loses it's edge when your with friends who make it worth while.

The original intension of this blog was as a journal other people could read to know how my crazy idea's to make huge amounts of isk were going, and so that they in turn try their luck at it, with that being said i must admit i did buy a plex recently, boosting my fortunes to a reasonable 750 million isk which was a joyride to blow on everything from a Megathron that lasted a full hour (i wish i was kidding) before getting blown up, to a Dominix i lost to rats in high sec... to ships that still sit ready in my hangar like my Covert Ops wormhole hunter. All that money has to go somewhere though so with the isk to back it, my training queue turned once again to trading, the business opportunities with such a large sum can only result in profit out of this world... or the most upsetting suicide gank in the history of eve.

You probably guessed by now i'm planning on flying a Charon, which in my opinion is the best freighter.

For those of you interested in the PvP side of my blog, this part should sate your thirst.
750 million isk means i didn't need to mine or trade for a while because i couldn't fly anything i could afford, so that meant hours fitting ships for PvP and testing them on anyone brave enough to fly into range.

My new favorite battle cruiser is now the Myrmidon, after several tests against various ships from a blackbird to a drake to a scorpion, i discovered a wicked tank that even the toughest ship would have problems with, unfortunately my luck in PvP has been a consistent low having lost all my Myrms to ganks, though with the tank they had problems with anything less then a BS + BC or 3 BC's (Post a comment and I'll link the fit i used if your interested, it's better then a drake... at least for me)

After our last roam through low sec, myself flying a Myrm of course, and getting ganked by 3 bc's and a jaguar one of our older pilots mentioned moving his Carrier to the low sec we use for our roams, my mind drifted at this point to how funny it would be in a fight with a few BC's and having a carrier jump in on them.

And finally we recently discovered a Wormhole next to one of our home systems that i have moved my alt into, back to the 10 million an hour afk mining i suppose...

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Long Awaited Return.

After my unfortunately extended absence from EVE i was eager to return to the universe and get back in business and to my delight upon logging back in i saw corp chat full of people new and old.
Unfortunately this excitement was short lived in that once my frigate dropped from warp where our POS should have been i noticed that in my time away the wormhole had served its purpose and the corp had moved on...
With all my stuff...
So i was now stuck alone in a wormhole with only my other account for company as i started trying to scan down an exit.

2 cups of coffee later I had it, with both my accounts at the gate I held my breath and dived into the deep end hoping for the shortest amount of low sec between me and safety.
I never would have expected my luck to be as grand as it was though as upon arrival at the wormhole exit i saw i was ONE jump from high sec, as well as only 7 jumps from my destination.
And my luck slowly continued through out the day, first finding my drake full of the minerals i thought i lost making me a swift 20 mil.
This luck however was balanced by the loss of my 2 retrievers as well as my salvage catalyst.

Now during my forced vacation from EVE I wasn't exactly looking forward to the mining for my return (though i do enjoy making money) I was really hoping to blow something up, much to my dismay and the alliances well being we were not at war with anyone anymore.

Which only left one option...
Something i tried and failed at before.
Pirating... Well Anti Pirating, hunting -10's.

With my Stealth Bomber fully fit i set out to low sec to hopefully find some pirates having a go at each other and it had seemed my luck had run dry at this point in the afternoon as all the pirates seemed to be working in groups of 3 or 4 and at one point 20, that was an epic fight to behold.
The hours dragged on and no one came close enough to fall prey to my missiles so with a frown i returned my bomber to its hangar, once again pulling my drake out for ratting.

I stuck around low sec in my drake in the hopes of finding a red i could blow to bits, but local never peaked past the lonely 1 that was myself and while this made for peaceful ratting it's appeal was fleeting as my lust for PvP increased rapidly with downtime approaching.

In a last ditch effort to scrape a kill i waiting outside a low sec station that seemed popular, with less then 20 minutes till downtime i decided i would call it a day and sell all my loot, making about 20k (terrible loot) i set out to head back to high sec when i saw a Probe dropping a cyno, so with little concern for my own health i popped the frigate and giggling like an 8 year old girl i aligned for the nearest planet, and with my engines blasting into full speed i turned my camera and my jaw dropped at the Archon now sitting over its fallen friend...

Close but still a victory!

Friday, September 3, 2010


My EVE accounts have run dry and unfortunately so has my wallet, so i've been off EVE for about a week and should be back sometime in the next week... hopefully.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Returning to Business

The Idea of putting all your possessions into one large truck and driving said truck over a lake with a thin covering of ice doesn't really sound appealing does it?

Well imagine you did it, that's something like the feeling i got moving all my worldly possessions across 7 low sec systems in a hauler, lucky for me i didn't meet anyone fast enough to lock me travelling between the gates, and upon arriving at my destination Tom lead me through the wormhole into my new home.

Now i know i said last night that i was going to move to the alliance owned 0.0 space, well i was already close to the wormhole and now that i'm safely inside i'm very glad i decided to come this way instead. Unfortunately my accounts were too far apart to bring both inside the wormhole before its gate collapsed so i only have my hauler and mining barge inside at the moment, but it seems 1 barge is enough to make 10-12 million an hour even with tech 1 strippers.

With my game time on both accounts drawing close to renewal I pull out the calculator to see how much mining i would have to do a month in this new location for me to keep both accounts running off plEX.

10 million an hour for 3 hours a day for 10 days per account, Or 1 hour a day for 30 days.

Seems viable right? I mean obviously the time will go down as my indy skills improve and i move on to bigger and better things, but for a fairly new player to the game I think getting both accounts running off plEX with neither being over 6 months old is a fairly impressive feat.

But of course saying is one thing, doing is another and we shall see how this venture goes, i'll be sure to put out updates fairly regularly as to the success or failure of this plan.

Currently for my 3 hours mining i have made 29,175,225.46 ISK in 1 retriever tech 1 strip lasers.

A slight delay

Alot has been happening lately, with my hunt for war targets becoming more and more successful as the alliance fleets grew in size, it actually was rather disappointing to see the mail announcing their surrender, though i was rather pleased to get back to my trading.

Shortly after the news was heard i decided i would train up for Gallente ships (being a Caldari pilot) and that i would do missions for the federation navy in the hopes of piloting a Navy issue Megathron and eventually a Rattlesnake.

Mission after mission passed as my mind wandered vacantly to how cool a Rattlesnake would be, and unfortunately my absent mind didn't remember to check for war targets (having been less then 24 hours after their surrender) and as i undocked i was locked and popped by a Dramiel.

Losing a frigate is no big deal, your unlikely to lose more then a few mil if one explodes on you, on the other hand you are likely to notice the incredible tracking speed of a Dramiel as it destroys your pod with 60 million in implants. And to top things off we were war decced soon after by a much larger merc alliance, seems someone has a grudge against us.

With that all said, the once wide eyed new capsuleer to the EVE universe has had his spirit crushed in a rather lame glittery explosion, now only having 2 million isk after replacing all my implants it seemed a rather gloomy future.

At least until a corp mate mentioned that he had found a worm hole in which we could escape the new war dec and live in relative safety with access to some of the best minerals in the game, it seemed like i had very little choice as i could no longer trade safely even in high sec, so with my haulers packed i started the slow move out to the low sec system where the worm hole was located. 6 jumps out my clients crashed and as it turns out all players using the internode isp had been disconnected and couldn't log back in.

With not alot else to do on a Sunday night, i discussed the idea of living in a wormhole with a much more experienced alliance member, and we came to the conclusion that it would be safer out in our alliance controlled null sec then anywhere else, so it seems i have to turn the train around and head back across the universe to the safety of hundreds of friendly pilots.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm not normally a pirate, but after losing a Bestower (and my pod!) in a low sec trade run i figured i would give it a shot.

8 million ISK later i had a decent enough cruiser to take out some newbies in a nearby 0.3 system.

Upon arrival at the system i immediately saw how flawed my plan was, in that every other player in the system had a good year or two on my alt.
"Well bugger" i thought, but i decided to go scout around in the hopes of finding a hauler or even a mining barge i could mess around with. Belt after belt i scoured looking for something until finally at the station i ran into a neut...

"let him hit me first" - i thought...

At least until i saw he was in a Tengu and docked instantly.

Waiting for him to dock, i was beginning to think this whole venture of mine was a massive waste of ISK and time.
When i saw him snugly in his hangar i undocked again with the intention of hauling ass back to high sec and getting on with my trading, fortunately i took the wrong gate and thought i might as well check the station in this system for something to scratch my revenge on the world itch.

To my disbelief outside the station was a Magnate attempting to open a cyno, what luck!
I clambered up next to it at a slow 460m/s, locked it down and popped it.

2010.08.17 18:24:00

Victim: Poisen Iv
Corp: Ministry of War
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Magnate
System: Saminer
Security: 0.3
Damage Taken: 82

Dropped items:

Cynosural Field Generator I
Expanded Cargohold I

As for my first solo pirating experience a figured i would find someone, attempt to attack them and get my ass handed to me, but instead i got a 2.5 million ISK Cynosural Field Generator.

At least until the station guns blew me up and i was forced to wait the 15 minute GCD in my pod while the rightful owner of the cyno generator undocked in a newb ship and looted both our wrecks before leaving on the cheery note of; [18:24:19] Poisen Iv > KANKER FAGOOT
whatever that means.

Alas i have learned from my ways (mainly to align to something before attacking outside a station) and my blood lust has been sated, at least for now, and i return to the blissful monotony of high sec trading.

Returning the Favour.

I used to be a carebear, i would mine for a few hours maybe go ratting here and there but the thought of losing a ship to a vastly more experienced player is something that didn't particularly appeal to me.

On the 5th of August our alliance was war decced.

7 hours later i lost my mining barge, to a vastly more experienced player, and it wasn't that bad at all. Of course i was still fairly carebearish at this point and waited till the hostiles disappeared from local before undocking my second mining barge and heading for the same belt to mine the same rocks..

As expected the swift return of the war targets resulted in the loss of my second barge, which lead me to think about alternate ways of making ISK.

I am a very "instant gratification" type of person, if i do something i want the result the be in my wallet upon completion, and like everyone i would like the result to be fat paycheck, so i hit up google about ways to make money and avoiding the rick rolls, account hacks and anything that would be a breach of CCP's rules, I kept seeing the same thing;


Now the idea of putting out a bunch of buy and sell orders is not my idea of instant gratification, quite the opposite in fact, but there were heaps of people claiming it's how they got rich, so i thought i would give it a shot. In the time it took me to alt tab back into EVE i gave up on the idea realizing i would have to train up multiple trade skills to make it worth while.
So there i was, sitting in my only remaining ship (A Badger mk 2) having lost my raven and scorpion as results of the war. Then i thought I would check out the market just in case i saw something i could easily move for profit and that's where it all started, having 2 accounts meant i could move multiple cargo loads across different regions for what (to me at least) seemed like insane amounts of profit.

I know people in 0.0 with carriers doing 10/10's solo making billions a week would laugh out loud at the small time profit of a newbie in a Badger and Bestower but alas the instant gratification was there, and i was making infinitely more money then i was mining or missioning.

Unfortunately to those interested in taking up trading as a profession like i did i will not be telling you the best trade routes i know, or the easiest ways to find them as that would be crippling myself financially as well as leaving myself open to pirate attacks, though the answer is there if your willing to put the time into it.
Once you get the hang of it, there is potential for even the most newbie players to make 10's of millions of isk an hour.

Now at the start of this, i mentioned that i was a carebear in the past tense implying that i am no longer and a few of you out there are probably thinking "this is pretty carebearish there is very little risk if you trade in high sec" and yes that is true!
But the money i make trading goes into fitting all kinds of ships to "thank" the guys who got me into trading ;)

And hopefully in the next few days i'll be able to post the kill mails or tears of those i "thank" personally.