Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Inside View.

Sitting outside the reinforced station in L-HV5C I asked one of the local pilots their views on the current situation in Geminate.

impulsje > o/
bolt > Aloha
impulsje > i guess the interesting bit is in FDZ.. 2 systems over
impulsje > Pandemic legion caps and support fleets operate from there
impulsje > DRF has hired them to come help them out
bolt > with a 600 billion isk payout for a 2 month contract I’m well aware ;)
impulsje > that's 10 titans worth
impulsje > or 50 tech moons
impulsje > not too shabby
bolt > Do you feel the DRF has gone about this in an "annoying" way for lack of a better word. Instead of a 1v1 hiring out PL to bolster the force?
impulsje > all is fair in love and war...
impulsje > that includes hiring mercenaries i guess
bolt > What about paying people to drop sov, do you think that's a fair move?
impulsje > with real life money.. it think it's outside the box
impulsje > but for isk.. hey.. it's the economy stupid
bolt > Do you think the DRF will claim Geminate with PL on the payroll?
impulsje > they might
impulsje > but they cant hold it without pl
bolt > What are your thoughts on the ME heist, do you think that will weaken ME's presence in the upcoming fights?
impulsje > these things are always bad.. but seldom have a true impact on forces
impulsje > remeber razor lost a shitload of stuff before.. but it didn't matter really
impulsje > you lose loads more in fights
impulsje > at the hight of the fighting in gem it was 500 billion a day
impulsje > now that is serious isk
bolt > It is, What about Demon Hunters, what are the plans for your alliance obviously i'm not asking for anything secret just a general plan with Raiden and the rest of the DRF coming through.
impulsje > well i think most have notice the front line alliances have rebased in friendly space to be able to keep fighting
impulsje > so by the time we win this war in 2-3 months we can come back to claim what's ours
bolt > So even if geminate falls (temporarily or not) to the DRF you will always have a home in null sec?
impulsje > most likely
bolt > What are your thoughts on the latest patch? with all the sov changes have they affected your corp or alliances income?
impulsje > i think it has yet to really impact most alliances
impulsje > but the potential revenue of systems has dropped significantly
impulsje > so we might see a scaling down
impulsje > some systems are barely worth holding sov anymore
bolt > Do you think this a backwards way for CCP to battle the lag?
impulsje > hehe
impulsje > that would be too clever
impulsje > i think they saw that null sec was becoming too cushy
impulsje > and systems were all equal
impulsje > alliances could live on just a few systems
impulsje > some areas off null sec were more densely packed with capsuleers than high sec
impulsje > i guess they wanted to make it a tad less attractive
impulsje > and the good systems more worth fighting for
impulsje > the interesting bit for gem of course that it has only a few very good systems
impulsje > so is it worth holding for super alliances like DRF or the bigger NC ones
impulsje > for an upstart alliance like ours it is fine
impulsje > Russians will just rent it out
impulsje > and renters can't defend their space

Then I asked for thoughts on anything EVE related;

impulsje > i think the thing i'd like most is for the 'coalition' level of eve to be formalized
impulsje > alliances are now the highest order in eve
impulsje > we need something above it
impulsje > NC and DRF run very large scale networks and enterprises
impulsje > but their organisation is limited by simple matters like only alliance can refuel bridges
impulsje > communication channels are comprimized
impulsje > and the API isn't geared towards large scale information magagment
impulsje > of course I'd love the lag on super scale battles fixed
impulsje > who knows how this war would go without the lag
impulsje > at the same time i understand it might cost more resources than it is worth
impulsje > i guess a nerf on cloaks 'd be nice
impulsje > semi-afk griefers dominate null sec life nowadays
impulsje > maybe some sov mod or pos mod to decloak whole systems for a few minutes
impulsje > or some kind of special probes
impulsje > i dunno.. it's just too good right now
impulsje > oh and an armor rep pos mod.. now that would be cool
impulsje > ppl spend countless ours repping up towers it's stupid
bolt > If towers could rep themselves though they wouldn't change hands as often which im sure ccp is against
impulsje > i was thinking a mod that would use up most of the tower's power/cpu if online
impulsje > and believe me
impulsje > it makes very little difference in null
impulsje > supercaps kill a tower in minutes
impulsje > if you are not there to defend it
impulsje > oh and really... sentry guns on outposts
impulsje > the whole idea of being able to camp an undock is rediculous

Then he disappeared...

It's always nice to talk to someone from the other side and to get a little insight.

Turning Tide.

After another long break from eve during which I trained the ungodly skill Fighters V (64 days) I come back to see a turn in the war that was so crushing our spirits before!

A massive push back by the DRF led to 20+ Geminate systems being put into reinforce including several station systems, backed up by Pandemic Legion once again entering the field under the payroll of the DRF this time with a sum of 600 billion isk!

Yesterday a massive heist was pulled by a member of Majesta Empire (ME) in which a considerable amount of ISK was stolen from not only the corp wallet but also the alliance funds as well as numerous assets and a Nyx super carrier. The amount stolen is in the 300 billion area which will naturally put a massive strain on ME as they may have to stop offering ship replacements at least temporarily until their funds grow again. The NC did not however leave ME in the cold and has been giving economic support to ensure their wellbeing. ME still has its cash flow and a solid member count of loyal capsuleers but with the Geminate invasion intruding on their doorstep this couldn't have come at a worse time.

The recent incursion patch which caused a lot of unrest in the null sec universe has luckily skipped over this pilots head as the system in which I have been basing myself out of is a -1.0 but I must say I feel for those harshly affected by this patch who have had their income severely damaged. With all the power blobs frantically grabbing unclaimed "good" null sec space this may open the doors for new alliances to try their hand at the risky but rewarding side of EVE.

And finally as I type this I am sitting in the L-HV5C system currently owned by Demon Hunters which has been put into reinforce by Raiden. I have seen everything from transports to Dreadnaughts coming in and out of the system and it looks like this battle will be a big one.

If you have any news or stories you'd like to share with the universe feel free to leave a comment below, or simply just leave your name and i'll contact you in game.