Thursday, January 27, 2011


Server online? That's new!

So with the servers down once more to fix various bugs that came with incursion I take time out of watching the clock to keep you updated on the goings on of my capsuleers and the rest of the EVE universe.

At about 1am (Australian time) I logged on to EVE to add a skill to my queue before bed, as I logged on I saw a group forming up 1 system over to go on a roam, first to high sec, then back to our home system naturally killing everything on the way.
I jumped into a shuttle as was the plan to make getting to high sec easier and we set off.
We arrived in empire without any problems and started buying and fitting ships, just before I finished fitting my Rook we got news over comms of a Nyx super carrier trapped in a system near our station system... We rushed our new ships to the low sec gate to start the journey back as the Nyx was believed to be cloaked and refusing to show itself until it could cyno out (who wouldn't do that) So we set out on the way home to pick up more members to go Nyx hunting with.

About 10 jumps from home we got news over the intel channel that there were 2 red carriers near our home and they needed help to take them down, already being in PvP ships we burnt to the system as fast as we could.
As it turns out though they didn't need our help at all, jumping in several carriers as well as at least 1 Dreadnaught and tearing them apart before we could even make it there. The trip was not wasted, we arrived home and doubled our size before setting off to hunt the Nyx which was still refusing to show itself.

Jump after jump we traveled until we heard of a 20 man gang of neutrals 2 systems over heading our way, we set up camp and waited...

They never showed up... bugger... but while we were waiting we heard that the Nyx showed up on scan, he had broken cloak to jump and unfortunately he made it, so with no real point to coming out that way anymore we set off to a hotspot nearby to once more set up camp...
Not getting any luck with the gate camp we set off to a system closer to home to try and find some trouble but by this point it was getting late/early and people were getting tired/bored and a few people left us as we passed our home once more...

With only 7-10 remaining we continued along until we found 2 neuts in local, we burnt to 0km on the gate and waited...

A Dramiel (I hate Dramiels) zoomed up to us and didn't jump, we knew it was a scout/tackle and decided to engage, unfortunately the hostile gang was twice our fleets size and was much more alert and prepared and we lost 3 ships and 1 pod in the fray including my Rook which I was a little sad about but jamming was fun none the less.

In the rest of the universe, EVOKE has joined with DRF to reclaim Geminate from the NC with several battles taking place and despite the amazing success of the combined assault on the NC, the Northern Coalition still managed to hold their ground for the time being.

Red Alliance pushes further and further into The Initiative (INIT) territory and captured 3 stations from them, with little to no resistance it seems INIT has abandoned the region. RA's fleet had roughly 250 with 10+ super carriers and 50 other capitals.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Life Well Wasted.

The problem with being immortal is that life can sometimes have the fun drained out of it so yesterday when a red came into my system I didn't wait in hiding, I warped my carrier back to our POS and swapped to a drake and jumped to a safe spot 300km off the gate and as it would turn out that was the same gate which the red was warping to.

It was a curse (Amarr Combat Recon) vs a drake with no real need for cap? I think I could prove a somewhat annoying adversary for this guy.
Then I saw in fleet chat that one of the other guys in local had just switched to a rook and was waiting on my call, I warped to 0 and started unloading missiles into the curse and he started draining my cap, after a few volleys I gave the call and the Rook landed on top of us and jammed the Curse who proceeded to burn as far out of range as he could.
This fight seemed like a win for us until another red flashed up in local, "Run, this one was bait" I aligned but held out, with no point on me I was waiting to see what the other red was... A Vagabond, I hit warp and returned to my POS.
Hiding again? No not really.
Fleet chat came alive once more with pilots offering tackles, dps and ewar but unfortunately by the time we got anything sorted they had left system.

Yesterday I also celebrated my wallet reaching 1 billion isk once more thanks in no small part to my carrier, despite many interruptions that night it was still a major milestone for me as I have no debts and nothing to replace or to buy so this money is just piling up!

In the rest of the Universe Pandemic Legion has been keeping their assault on the NC in full force allowing us room to breathe down in Russian space. Though with the amount of Titan kills that I keep hearing about i'm sure morale on the NC side is rather high.

Over the Christmas break there was a lottery hosted by Destructive Influence (DICE) through internal feuds this lottery ended up being a rather nice deposit for one player who made a rather hefty profit of 40 billion!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is there a doctor in the house?

With my computer down and out for repair... by me... when i can afford the parts... i find EVE to be a rare part of my life over the last few weeks and being the holiday season i haven't exactly missed it with the family gatherings and the Falls Festival down in Tasmania where i live (4 days, 16,000 people, live music and lots of drinking) not to say i'm moving on from the game, just that i will be definitely slowing my pace a little.

I find myself in a rather stable position at the moment, my skills are just short of joining the capital fleet in the alliance and i think i would like to keep it that way for the time being, not that i'm against helping the alliance or anything, just that more responsibility with my extremely random and short hours that i can play don't make for a healthy fleet pilot.
So with my carrier safely in the home system (and not leaving) it almost seems like an end game position, I have the money to do all kinds of things but no desire to actually do them... So tick by tick my wallet increases and day by day my skill points go up and i'm hoping soon to have a revamped interest in EVE by the time my computer comes back to life.

In the rest of the universe, the Russians have kept out of trouble over the last couple of weeks generally staying out of the news, perhaps a little trouble with the NC here and there but nothing major. It seems the combined frag fest of IT, Goons, PL and our DRF has caused the NC to give up on the invasion to cure boredom as a member of the NC said, as they will no doubt have all the fights they desire on their hands. I doubt anything will cause the NC to crumble but i get the feeling if this keeps up for much longer we will see a rise of new competing super powers in the EVE universe.

Happy New Year!