Monday, September 20, 2010

The Long Awaited Return.

After my unfortunately extended absence from EVE i was eager to return to the universe and get back in business and to my delight upon logging back in i saw corp chat full of people new and old.
Unfortunately this excitement was short lived in that once my frigate dropped from warp where our POS should have been i noticed that in my time away the wormhole had served its purpose and the corp had moved on...
With all my stuff...
So i was now stuck alone in a wormhole with only my other account for company as i started trying to scan down an exit.

2 cups of coffee later I had it, with both my accounts at the gate I held my breath and dived into the deep end hoping for the shortest amount of low sec between me and safety.
I never would have expected my luck to be as grand as it was though as upon arrival at the wormhole exit i saw i was ONE jump from high sec, as well as only 7 jumps from my destination.
And my luck slowly continued through out the day, first finding my drake full of the minerals i thought i lost making me a swift 20 mil.
This luck however was balanced by the loss of my 2 retrievers as well as my salvage catalyst.

Now during my forced vacation from EVE I wasn't exactly looking forward to the mining for my return (though i do enjoy making money) I was really hoping to blow something up, much to my dismay and the alliances well being we were not at war with anyone anymore.

Which only left one option...
Something i tried and failed at before.
Pirating... Well Anti Pirating, hunting -10's.

With my Stealth Bomber fully fit i set out to low sec to hopefully find some pirates having a go at each other and it had seemed my luck had run dry at this point in the afternoon as all the pirates seemed to be working in groups of 3 or 4 and at one point 20, that was an epic fight to behold.
The hours dragged on and no one came close enough to fall prey to my missiles so with a frown i returned my bomber to its hangar, once again pulling my drake out for ratting.

I stuck around low sec in my drake in the hopes of finding a red i could blow to bits, but local never peaked past the lonely 1 that was myself and while this made for peaceful ratting it's appeal was fleeting as my lust for PvP increased rapidly with downtime approaching.

In a last ditch effort to scrape a kill i waiting outside a low sec station that seemed popular, with less then 20 minutes till downtime i decided i would call it a day and sell all my loot, making about 20k (terrible loot) i set out to head back to high sec when i saw a Probe dropping a cyno, so with little concern for my own health i popped the frigate and giggling like an 8 year old girl i aligned for the nearest planet, and with my engines blasting into full speed i turned my camera and my jaw dropped at the Archon now sitting over its fallen friend...

Close but still a victory!

Friday, September 3, 2010


My EVE accounts have run dry and unfortunately so has my wallet, so i've been off EVE for about a week and should be back sometime in the next week... hopefully.