Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Alliance, New Fight.

With the dispersion of Draconian Covenant, my corp began looking for a new alliance and with some better then expected results we ended up as part of the Drone Russian Forces (DRF for short)
With sovereignty over several systems i felt safer then empire ratting in my new home, not to mention the money is fantastic.

But i'm getting ahead of myself, moving to null sec is a challenge in itself.

Getting one person out is easy, fit something small, fast and cheap and you will generally be left alone, problem with this is you don't have anything decent once you arrive.
I took two haulers on two out of three of my accounts filled with covert ops, stealth bombers, mining barges and modules, the entire trip i was freaking out thinking every gate activation was going to result in my death but alas the excellent scouting of my corp mate led to my safe arrival in our null sec.

With my stuff safely stored i turned my attention back to the rest of the corp, mainly Tom...
and his Orca...
full of our corps POS equipment...

So once again i set off through 28 jumps of null sec, this time safely in one of my covert ops ships, and arriving back in high sec i swapped to my Dominix to serve as an escort.
After a few minutes organizing we set off, an Orca, Bestower and Itty V escorted by two battleships and a cruiser. Even though this seemed like a decent enough amount of firepower we still worried for the safety of our Orca, luckily for us the orca wasn't destroyed and our POS is now operational in our home system.

With all the excitement of the new alliance, new home and new ways to make money my eyes strayed from the bigger picture.
Our new alliance is in the DRF.
Which is at war.
With NC.

Many alliances are at war, but for those of you who don't know about either NC or DRF i suggest you read the EVE news. (Link below)

With NC attempting to invade our homelands, my blog should be full of stories in the next few weeks.

The biggest fight in the history of the Drone lands begins in 2 hrs 44 mins, and i get to be a part of it!

Hope we win, sorry NC guys... Purely Business.

Monday, October 11, 2010

No ones favorite past time.

Me: Losing hundreds of millions of isk is no ones favorite past time.
Tom: Making hundreds of millions of isk is mine.

~Me and Tom on PvP~

With my return to EVE the corps numbers have been rising steadily and casual roams in battle cruisers and battle ships soon followed as the number of capable and willing pilots rose, though still small in number the quality of "lols" from the fights has increased as losing your ship to a gang by yourself sucks it loses it's edge when your with friends who make it worth while.

The original intension of this blog was as a journal other people could read to know how my crazy idea's to make huge amounts of isk were going, and so that they in turn try their luck at it, with that being said i must admit i did buy a plex recently, boosting my fortunes to a reasonable 750 million isk which was a joyride to blow on everything from a Megathron that lasted a full hour (i wish i was kidding) before getting blown up, to a Dominix i lost to rats in high sec... to ships that still sit ready in my hangar like my Covert Ops wormhole hunter. All that money has to go somewhere though so with the isk to back it, my training queue turned once again to trading, the business opportunities with such a large sum can only result in profit out of this world... or the most upsetting suicide gank in the history of eve.

You probably guessed by now i'm planning on flying a Charon, which in my opinion is the best freighter.

For those of you interested in the PvP side of my blog, this part should sate your thirst.
750 million isk means i didn't need to mine or trade for a while because i couldn't fly anything i could afford, so that meant hours fitting ships for PvP and testing them on anyone brave enough to fly into range.

My new favorite battle cruiser is now the Myrmidon, after several tests against various ships from a blackbird to a drake to a scorpion, i discovered a wicked tank that even the toughest ship would have problems with, unfortunately my luck in PvP has been a consistent low having lost all my Myrms to ganks, though with the tank they had problems with anything less then a BS + BC or 3 BC's (Post a comment and I'll link the fit i used if your interested, it's better then a drake... at least for me)

After our last roam through low sec, myself flying a Myrm of course, and getting ganked by 3 bc's and a jaguar one of our older pilots mentioned moving his Carrier to the low sec we use for our roams, my mind drifted at this point to how funny it would be in a fight with a few BC's and having a carrier jump in on them.

And finally we recently discovered a Wormhole next to one of our home systems that i have moved my alt into, back to the 10 million an hour afk mining i suppose...