Thursday, December 15, 2011


It seems after numerous complaints and protests that CCP has restored null sec to it's former glory, Or at least something resembling it, by increasing the amount of sites worth any money it piqued my curiosity enough to step back into EVE once again.

After a lengthy wait on the fresh installation (new computer) I appeared in my captains quarters, While amusing for a short while it's nothing compared to spinning the camera in the hangar, at least in my opinion.
I also remembered as I checked all my mail and set up some skills that I had been removed from my corp to save on dues, so I was now stuck 40 odd jumps into DRF space without allies and to kick it off my old alliance wouldn't give me safe passage out.

So I put my carrier up for sale and scrounging together a few hundred million isk scampered off back to high sec, once again opening the recruitment channel.
A few hours, and several failed Goon scamming attempts later I met some nice players occupying a PvP hot spot, something I'd always yearned for, as well as an outpost.
With nothing to lose I set off to check it out.

Having no money was something I wasn't used to as I arrived in a very cheaply fit Myrm and spent a week waiting for my carrier to sell, but eventually the Isk hit my wallet and I was rich again, quickly picking up a new carrier only to find our systems being camped by a high sec griefer alliance claiming to be based in null sec despite holding no sov.

Now I sit in my beautiful ship spinning it aimlessly and watching local for a chance to make some Isk.

Though I would love to blow up this cloaky...