Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Got A Faction Spawn While Writing This...

Our system defense has been on the rise lately with flash fleets of 10-20 forming almost instantly with back up not to far away, unfortunately this seems to have scared off our usual "customers" so yesterday we took the fight to them.

The fleet moved up to Geminate stopping briefly to pop a Vagabond before resting in a Brick Squad owned system sitting quite comfortably outside their station. A Myrmidon undocks and is met by our grinning faces and torrents of bullets before he quickly redocks and we decide to shoot the station's clone bay...
For those of you who have never shot at a station or had one of your station shot at, this action sends a mail to the owners of the station.
So very shortly later local spikes up to about 50 and we get the order to align to a gate, myself being in the fastest ship i zip off at just under 5000m/s and 250km later the fleet warps to me and we set off home... unfortunately a real life issue shot up right at this point so I logged off and went to sort the issue, I come back a short while later and see the fleet is just about home and only myself and an Ishtar pilot were left in hostile space jumping between safe spots. Local sinks to about 6 including myself and the other fleet member and I tell the Ishtar to keep safe while i check the gate (my ship only cost 20m) I warp to the gate and jump through to 20 reds who light me up like a christmas tree (without the love) and I burn back to the gate and jump back through to meet an interdictor on the other side ready to stop me getting away and I'm promptly popped and podded... Good news is the Ishtar made it out safely!

We also recently moved system and upgraded our small tower to a large one in a much less inhabited system so the sites and belts are almost untouched by anyone but us with the more popular systems on either side of us acting as an intel buffer keeping us nice and safe.

In the rest of the universe its politics politics politics...
SOLAR has set blue (if only temporarily) to STR8NGE BREW [BREW] meaning another alliance will be joining the DRF fleets, this may be at the request of United Pod Service [UPS] and other close alliances to [BREW] as this is a vital time for DRF to make use of all the alliances to claim Geminate.

IT has continued to collapse over the past few weeks with major corporations leaving reducing IT's member count to an all time low (below 2500) which has caused tremendous pressure as the NC continues its warpath through IT sov.

The NC is also struggling with some internal disputes with Goons refusing to help after the NC's crushing defeat in Uemon. The Goons also are now offering a full reimbursement scheme for their members, begin praying to whichever deity you worship because this means trouble for everyone as the goons have no apparent interest in K/D ratio just the kills themselves so watch your intel channels...

The rumors i've heard about Pandemic Legion have been numerous as to what they have been up to and its hard to tell the fabrications from the truth, I've heard they were contracted to obtain assets for clients in the Delve region if this is true or not I'm not certain though it is believable enough with IT's demise imminent, unless some kind of miracle occurs.

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