Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Caps? No

"Lets build super caps"
"Yeah ok"
~ Me and a corp mate on super cap production ~

No we are not building super caps, but a dream is a dream and like that mansion in Hawaii you could be sitting in right now it just won't happen unless you do something about it! So with this mindset I set off on a small adventure to the Drone Lands to try my luck with drone alloys building smaller ships to see if one day in the future that dream could come true.
With every region in EVE there are bonus' and negative aspects, with the Drone Lands the negatives are that there is no bounties.. for a carrier pilot such as myself this was a bit of a turn off to begin with as the 16-22m wallet flashes are what kept me playing for a while when nothing was going on. The bonus' in the end outweighed this though as drone alloys sold for a heap and the alliance members in the Drone Lands could use these to build anything I needed from modules to drones to ships. With production in the region being so high most things sell for as cheap if not cheaper then high sec.
My personal favourite bonus of the Drone Lands is that the Drone hordes (Sanctum equivalent) have a trigger that can launch all the waves at once, roughly 25-30 battleships + bc's cruisers and frigs, this isn't really a problem to tank and it means I can warp my Noctis in on my other account and clean up as I kill allowing for almost no downtime in my ratting.

Chilling before down time.

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