Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day...

After a short breather from EVE I returned to the cold depths of space to find a few changes, some good some bad...

First up the return of Tom to the corp with his shiny new Thanatos which is a much welcome addition to the income of the corp wallet and a much welcomed return of a good friend to us all.
Along with Tom came a few others, another cap pilot I recruited just before my break made it out to our home system safely in yet another carrier, and a friend of Jason's will soon be joining us also (in another carrier..)
We also will soon be welcoming the people from our sister corp after their wormhole was finished they decided to join us in null sec so it seems our corp will be growing in size again in the near future.

But with the good news also comes the bad, when I logged back on I had about 50 mails and several notifications including 2 war decs... this didn't really affect me as I like most of the alliance live in null sec and we can be shot by anyone anytime, butI guess the intention was to harass us in high sec as we buy thing... but we can just do that with alts so I really have no clue as to why they have decided to waste their money.

And finally my blog has been listed by CrazyKinux on his blogroll! Massive thanks to him and if you haven't seen his site I suggest you check it out!

In the rest of the universe Rebel Alliance has moved out of Geminate and left several stations up for grabs, this of course being the big hot spot between the Northern Coalition and the Drone Russian Forces means that its a frantic race to claim sov and hold the stations, although the DRF already had an invasion force mobilized giving them the advantage as the NC scrambled a defense fleet.

NC managed to amass an incredible force from almost every alliance in the coalition to defend Geminate and destroyed the 1000 odd from DRF invading and regained control of the region with only 1 station lost to the DRF.

And of course Valentines day a day of love and care and a hell of a fight between DRF and NC with 9 NC titans destroyed, apparently the NC got word of a DRF fleet amassing and decided to hot drop the group but unfortunately for them the DRF had a massive reinforcement fleet inbound. I've asked around but so close to the aftermath its hard to determine the losses on each side but so far i've heard;

NC losses
9 titans (potentially 2 more)
2 super carriers

DRF losses
2 titans
2 super carriers

With news like this floating around it kind of makes me wonder what the rest of the universe does, it seems that either only the NC, DRF and IT have any noteworthy stories or more likely that all the reporters for eve related news are in one of those alliances...

Picture from evenews24

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  1. Nice work on being picked up in the Blogroll.

    The kind of corps that wardec nulsec alliances must lead unbelievably dull lives. Our alliance is always at war with various lame corps that sit on Jita 4-4 undock waiting for the occasional noob that haven't learned about alt buyers yet.