Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nails Into The Coffin.

Has CCP lost their minds?
The latest patch saw many capsuleers (including yours truly) scratching their heads at yet another null sec nerf!
First they nerfed ratting in systems so sanctums would only appear in -0.7 and below systems or above however you wish to see it.
Second they nerfed the jump bridge networks only allowing one jump bridge in each system, while annoying it didn't quite grind life to a halt as much as the first nerf until...
The most recent nerf removed jump bridge access to capital ships, now for those of you who don't fly a capital ship, YES we can jump of our own accord to any cyno within a certain amount of light years of our system, this however requires a pilot with cyno skills, quite often owned by the cap pilot on a separate account meaning CCP gets twice as much money from us, though this isn't my complaint about this nerf...
CCP has constantly told us they are trying to reduce the powerblobs to make 0.0 more accessible to smaller alliances so in reducing capital ship movement they slow the advance and sheer fire power of the larger coalitions, what I believe they fail to see is that smaller alliances with capital fleets such as my own cyno jam every system we own to protect ourselves from the much larger alliances who could tear us apart in minutes, So without our jump bridges or the ability to use gates we are stuck in one system until CCP decides to either allow us to move again or nerf us a few more times until all the capital pilots rage quit which is looking far more likely at this point in time.

In other news Geminate has fallen to the hands of the DRF and backed by RaidenDOT and Pandemic Legion the invasion continued into R.A.G.E and Majesta Empire space with the massive capital fleet taking both alliances home systems.

Both alliances have given orders to withdraw all non combat assets to empire space and to move all combat assets to the RAWR staging system.

Goonswarm's invasion of IRC space ground to a halt as more and more assistance was needed to defend key locations of NC space.

And finally the NC's plan of an assault on WhiteNoise and RaidenDOT space as a distraction from the push has failed as both alliances announced they would be giving up their space in favour of the much richer lands of the Vale of the Silent and other NC regions.

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